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Our first tour to China was in August 2002. The group consisted of only fifteen members and opened the door for all future cultural tours. In July 2014, The Dojo made their return trip with thirty-five staff and student travelers. Highlights included; The Great Wall at Mutianyu, camel ride in the Gobi Desert, Ghengis Khan Mausoleum, The Forbidden City, Shanghai, Beijing, Tongli, the Shaolin Temple for kung fu instruction, Inner Mongolia, the Nadaam Festival and much more.

2002 at the base of Badaling Pass, Great Wall 2002. First student tour.

Together with students of the Shaolin Temple 2002.

Temple of Heaven, Beijing 2002.

The Summer Palace, 2002.

The Terra Cotta Warriors, Xian 2002.

Rising to their ranks after being forgotten for two millennia.

Detail of the individual heads. No two are alike.

Horses and chariots among the soldiers.

Over 6,000 were already unearthed in 2002.

The Great Wall from a neighboring peak 2002.

A monk performs with the staff at the Shaolin Temple, Dengfeng 2002.

Soldier on the march in Tiananmen Square, Beijing 2002.

Pagoda at the Shaolin Temple, Dengfeng 2002.

View from Xian Wall, Xi'an 2002.

Inside the Forbidden City, Beijing 2014.

Group picture at the Forbidden City.

Detail of a rooftop. Forbidden City, Beijing.

Vibrant paintings, Forbidden City.

Structures inside the Forbidden City.

Fire cauldron by the doorway.

At The Forbidden City.

Detail of a door at The Forbidden City.

Tourist-free scene from Mutianyu, Great Wall.

Watchtowers on the Great Wall.

A man takes a rest upon the wall.

Reaching into infinity.

Shaolin in the morning.

Group picture at the entrance to the Shaolin Temple.

Class time in the Shaolin Temple, Dengfeng.

A look inside the legend.

Every corridor is as peaceful as the last.

Nightscape in Shanghai.

Shanghai awakens in the park.

Unfolding the secrets of youth.

The skyline at Shanghai harbor.

Famous Huxinting Tea House in Shanghai.

The peaceful water town of Tongli.

Getting around by sampan.

Picturesque image in Tongli

Cormorant fishing birds

Tongli at night.

Evening charms of Tongli.

Eerily quiet and tranquil.

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