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At the Stone Soldier Training Camp, participants were educated in three unique ecosystems at Stone Mountain Theme Park, Georgia. Martial arts disciplines from China, the Philippines and Japan were instructed in environments that emphasized the origin of each art to foster insightful learning. Bladed weapons on the mountain, Filipino stick fighting in the forest and Japanese/Chinese forms were performed on the beach.

Michael Banov attempts and ambush from the high ground.

William Gaffney leads Michael into the riverbed.

Combatants battle on all terrains.

In the brook and on fallen trees, the battle wages on.

Blade instruction on the mountain.

The subtle cuts are compiling.

Early morning on the mountainside.

Building speed with the basics.

Frequent breaks for more combinations.

Students observe the effectiveness of the patterns.

From the mountain to the forest.

Bobby Skrinjar prepares his stick sets.

Tommy Huynh and Jason Carson break off into the wilderness.

Aditya Narayanan and Gunner Breed play against balance.

Participants of Session Three on the beach.

Gunner Breed, Karate Kiddin' around.

Julien Aristide leads the Chinese Shaolin Form.

The group follows carefully as Julien Aristide leads.

Gunner Breed teaches Japanese Kata; Unsu.

2018 Stone Soldier with William and Bryan

Group after beach kata

Edged weapons on the mountain

Gaby leads Empi kata

Focused on technique

Stick fighting, set in the autumn leaves.

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