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Summer Camp

Summer Camps at The Dojo American Karate Centers are the most exciting, informative programs of their kind! Broken down into two-week themes, students are engaged throughout each day in 30-minute activity rotations. Martial arts class, gymnastics, arts/crafts, sparring, forms, cultural and language studies, movie time and games/relays match the template of each theme. Sessions range from "Panda Fu" (China), "Samurai vs. Ninja" (Japan), "The King and Thai" (Southeast Asia) and even "Jedi Academy" (sci-fi and the martial arts behind it) are all part of the educational format that exceeds every expectation. Span history and the continents with a dozen martial arts systems. Counselor/Camper ratios are an astounding 1:5 to benefit the learning experience. Our Camp Director has been teaching martial arts in our community school systems and running summer camp for well over a decade. Our kids love it so much that they return every year!

chopsticks with training wheels. Panda Fu camp

Yubin defends the castle during World Warriors camp.

Our campers at Medieval Times for some great entertainment.

Matthew fends off the Dark Knight.

Enjoying the festivities during the field trip to Medieval Times.

David commands the armies during World Warriors camp.

Entranced by the spectacles at Medieval Times.

Matthew shows his approval during dinner theater.

Everyone took turns meeting with the combatants.

Yubin needed some good old medieval discipline.

Excited to be at Medieval Times during World Warriors theme camp at The Dojo.

Princess to princess.

Big action with lightsabers during Jedi Saber Camp.

Bringing in the heavy artillery to battle Stormtroopers on the Death Star.

Red One secures the flight pad for the Millenium Falcon

Field trip for Jedi Saber Camp at Laser Quest.

Field trip for Hero Camp at AMC for the premiere of Captain Underpants.

Point sparring

An enthusiastic sparring team.

Franky with his panda puppet. China Camp

Learning the Wai Kru of Muay Thai. The King and Thai camp

Ready for the first round. Thailand Camp

Artyom and his parol during Philiphines week.

Learning about Children's Day in Japan. Japan Camp

No Title

Mr. Gaffney brings a knight during Medieval Europe camp.

Theo prepares for battle. Knight's Glory Camp

Zach and Mikel work together to improve their horse stance

Kung fu animals posing for a pic. Panda Fu Camp

A visiting Spartan demonstrates the phalanx. Medieval Europe Camp

All about the learning

Visit from famous samurai general, Takeda Shingen. Japan Camp

Educating the youths about Feudal Japan, first-hand. Japan Camp

It wouldn't be camp without a ninja! Japan Camp

Sharing the skills of ninjutsu. Japan Camp

Applications of the shuriken, or throwing stars.

Everyone loved the black eggs.

Cool plan for the hot months. Thailand Camp

Campers learn about Thailand's holiday, Songkran and love it.

Camp counselor introduces campers to Thailand's summer holiday; Songkran.

Filipino stick sparring (escrima/arnis) in the park. Southeast Asia Camp

Tribal skills of the Philippines. Archery during Field Trip Friday.

Learning the basics of Mandarin. China Camp

Focused on neatness.

The expression says it all. (traditional Mongolian attire)

Group photo in Panda Fu China Camp.

Culinary exploration of China.

Strongly approved.

Taking part in Chinese games.

Beating the heat on a Field Trip Friday.

Taking a break at the pool.

Clowning around.

Dueling chopsticks for Po's Dumping Challenge.

Artyom scores with the first dumpling.

Panda face painting. Panda Fu China camp.

Experiencing the martial arts, the Jedi way! Jedi Academy

Force training with the lightsaber Jedi Academy

Field trip into the imagination! Jedi Academy

Kylar learning the ways of the Jedi. Jedi Academy

Excited about Jedi Academy!

2017 Super Hero Camp!

2017 Super Hero Camp!

2017 Super Hero Camp!

2017 Super Hero Camp!

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