self defence teaches confidence, inner-strength, & helps you develop a strong, lean body.

Submission Wrestling

Shark Tank National Competition Team

Assistant Coach, Shark Tank National Grappling Team

Ali at NAGA Nationals

Jacob finishing with an armbar at NAGA Nationals

Jacob's victory.

Mr. Gaffney, Diego and Martin pose with UFC fighter, Joe Stevenson at NAGA, Las Vegas NV

Arya takes an early dominance.

Dojo students Arya and Aditya compete for 1st place.

A young Gunner Breed wins his match

Megan (left) works the throw.

Megan bullying the boys

Megan takes a comanding early victory.

Megan, winner in an out of the ring

The Dojo's Shark Tank Team sporting the victories.

The Dojo's Shark Tank Submission Grappling Team.

Michael Tannen of The Dojo's Shark Tank takes 1st.

Tannen imposes his position for the throw.

Franky's first time in competition grappling.

Julian takes a first.

Aditya takes a first.

One of many victories for Sam.

Diego Bautista finishing by Americana

Diego Bautista

Diego Bautista defends the takedown.

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