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Philbert Smith

Philbert Smith
Senior Instructor
3rd Degree Black Belt

Philbert Smith was born in Kingston, Jamaica before coming to the United States in his youth. Known affectionately as the "Singing Sensei", he loves to apply a memorable approach to learning in steps. He reaches his students in ways that inspire, while still keeping the focus required of a regimented karate program. Philbert Smith has climbed to the summit of Mt. Fuji with The Dojo and walked with us among the tigers in Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua Yanasampanno, Thailand. He has seen and been where others could only imagine and shares his experiences with his students. Most of his education, however is in the technologies with his Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering. The only member of the Dunwoody Dojo's staff that holds a full-time position outside of the academy hasn't been without its challenges while he actively pursues his martial arts degrees. He specializes in Japanese swordsmanship and prefers the Japanese systems to express his self-defense techniques.


2011 Instructor of the Year

2003 Leadership Award

2007 Awarded 2nd degree black belt in Kamakura, Japan

2017 Awarded 3rd degree black belt in Kumamoto, Japan

Team Dojo, Board of Promotions

"AA" NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association) Center Referee

Martial Arts Experience: American Karate, Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu (kenjutsu). Travel expedition to Bangkok Thailand's Rangsit Stadium (Muay Thai), Japan's Kyoto Budo Center (kendo), Beppu, Japan (Kyokushin).

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