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Master Instructor

William Gaffney
Master Instructor
7th Degree Black Belt

A genuine ambassador of the martial arts, Mr. Gaffney is an advocate of the values produced from authentic training. In an effort to provide a real cultural experience, he has led his staff and students during visits to the orient for training and understanding of heritage of the disciples that he teaches. Destinations such as Japan, China, Thailand and Mongolia have topped the list over the past decades.  

Mr. Gaffney’s individual experience has included law enforcement and military functions as well as training competition teams in a variety of skill-sets to include; Filipino stick fighting, MMA, Submission wrestling, karate sparring, weapons forms and open-hand traditional forms. He has several students to his credit that have earned regional, national and world-champion status through organizations such as NASKA, ISKA, WKC and WEKAF.

“I began martial arts because I had no other choice. What I received was a real catalyst for becoming a more capable, adaptive, humble person.  The rewards are limitless and I consider myself fortunate to have walked this path . Now I spend my life sharing it.”


-2016 International Martial Arts Times Magazine Hall of Fame, Master of the Year 

-2015 USA Martial Arts “Hall of Heroes”,  Kenpo/Silat  Master of the Year

-2015 Licensed Georgia Sports Commission, Cornerman

-2009 Action Radio Network, Hall of Fame Martial Arts Choice Awards, Inductee                                                        

-2009 Cambridge Who’s Who Registry of Business Professionals                                                                                  

-2008 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Outstanding Master                                                                                  

-2008 Battle of Atlanta, NASKA Officials Hall of Fame, Class "AA" Referee

Martial Arts Experience; Chinese Shaolin Kenpo, Ed Parker's American Kenpo, Daito Ryu Aiki Jujitsu, Shinki Ryu Jujitsu, Kali/Silat, Muay Thai, American Free-Style Karate, Tang Soo Do/Mu Duk Kwan, Shoot Wrestling, MMA, Judo, Jeet Kune Do, American Military Combatives CQB & M.O.U.T. (expert marksman and sharpshooter through the Department of Defense).

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