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Summer Camp Enrollment 2023

Each of our camp sessions are packed full of games, relays, culture, foreign language, movies, arts/crafts, martial arts class and so much more! Every thirty minutes our activities change to engage kids ages 5-12 years of age...all summer long. Our expert staff members work with your child in an exciting summer experience that will dazzle their imagination and instill an appreciation for martial arts at our 4,000+ sq. ft. training facility.

Partial Day Camp hours - 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday thru Friday
Full Day Camp Hours - 7:30am to 5:30pm Monday thru Friday.

Partial Day Campers (9 am to 3 pm) *

Parital day camp - $225/week

Full Day Campers (7:30 am to 5:30 pm)*

Full day camp - $250/week 


A $10 fee will be charged each day a camper is picked-up later than the end of the camp day.

*Tuition for each additional family member is discounted $10 off of the regular rate.

We have gone to great lengths to assure your children will be safe and have TONS OF FUN at our camps.  We will be following all of the guidelines and Accreditation Standards for ACA Camp Programs and Services.  Our camp will also comply with all state and local regulatory guidelines.

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Who doesn't love jousting, archery and medieval costumes? Participate in centuries-old games such as ring toss, tug-o-war and swordplay! This is much-loved session that takes campers to field trips like Medieval Times and The Georgia Renaissance Festival.
Everyone remembers The Karate Kid but now we have the re-boot. As an official film location for the hit Netflix series, "Cobra Kai" will bring the spirit of competition. Sparring, forms, film choreography and some fun action videography will ignite the imagination of your camper no matter if they are part of Miyagi Do, Eagle Fang or Cobra Kai teams!
The newest of our sessions take campers into the Great Outdoors! Field trips to Stone Mountain Theme Park, Vickery Creek Mill and Brook Run challenge campers to search, identify animal tracks and follow the trails using clues. Hiking, woodland skills, land navigation and simple tools like slingshot and archery increase their knowledge in a fun, safe and exciting way.
Returning again by popular demand! This Star Wars theme teaches the Force to our younglings and padawan learners. Lightsaber classes, galactic Nerf Wars, alien languages, cinematic features, build your own space crafts and Jedi Knight costuming are all on the line-up!

*Not affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. Or the Walt Disney Company or its subsidiaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

The tuition covers all camp classes, arts and crafts materials. We will also provide training weapons and sparring gear that campers might use during camp classes. There are select field trips that will be announced for Fridays that are not included in the cost.
NO!! We have specifically designed our camp program to be fun regardless of your child�s experience with martial arts training. Novices have a great time in this camp.
In order to reserve your spaces you must do two things: 1) Fill out a student registration form 2) Pay the camp tuition in full or a $50 non-refundable deposit (the deposit will be credited toward tuition).
Partial Day Camp Hours 9:00AM -3:00PM. Full Day Camp 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. A typical day might go as followed: 7:30am-9am Pre camp drop off (board games) 9:00am-3pm Camp welcome, Karate Class, Games & Relays, snack, forms, cultural education, lunch, movie, arts & crafts, sparring, snack, gymnastics, weapons, daily awards. Special events: Friday's field trip and Thursday's guest instructor 3:00pm End of camp 3:00pm-5:30pm post camp pickup (games & relays, board breaking, Language studies, board games)
In the morning, campers should arrive in their uniform. They may wear shorts and T-shirts under their uniform. Bring sparring gear if you have it. Mat shoes or a pair of socks to wear on the mat. EVERY ITEM BROUGHT TO CAMP (INCLUDING PHONES & TABLETS!) SHOULD BE PERMANENTLY LABELED WITH THE CAMPER�S NAME. We are not responsible for lost or broken possessions.
Each camper is responsible for bringing lunch and two snacks. Please do not pack a lunch that has to be refrigerated or heated in a microwave. Please do not send anything in a glass container or food containing peanuts.
Campers may not bring the following items to camp; NO WEAPONS, guns, pets, rocks, knives, food containing peanuts or glass containers.
Campers who have a karate uniform should wear it. First time campers can buy a uniform for an additional $23 (50% discount).
Any camper requiring medication to be administered during the day must have a Medication Administration Form completed by their parent or guardian. We will do our best to ensure that campers get their medication everyday and at their proper times. We request that when possible, campers receive their medication at 12:30 pm and 4:30 pm. Medicine must be in a daily dispenser labeled clearly with the camper's name.

Please call if you have additional questions.

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